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Here are a few general suggestions that will make packing easier:

Carefully wrap china in sheets of clean newsprint paper. Place newsprint paper in the bottom of a Dishpak for cushioning. Wrap each piece individually then wrap up to three in a bundle with a double layer of paper. Place these bundled items in the carton in a row on edge. 

Surround each bundle with crushed paper, being careful to leave no unfilled spaces. Add two or three inches of crushed paper on top of the bundle to protect rims and make a level base for the next tier. Horizontal cardboard dividers can be helpful in keeping layers level.Smaller plates, saucers and shallow bowls can make up a second layer. Wrap and pack in the same way as larger items.

Silver is nested together and wrapped. The nested packs are cushioned in the silver chest. The chest is then wrapped in clean paper.

Stemware is individually wrapped with protective paper. Each goblet is cushioned by a thick wrapping and placed stem up in a specially tiered Dishpak.  (Ask us if you need cell dividers for stemware)

Soft Goods
Soft goods like pillows and bedding are packed in lined cartons.

Pack shoes in their original shoebox, if possible, and place in a carton. If shoeboxes are not available, individually wrap them to prevent abrasive damage.

Clothes are left on hangers and hung in special wardrobe cartons.

Lamp Shades and Bases
Handle lampshades by their harp only.  Seperate shade from harp.  Surround the shade with protective paper. Shades can be nested inside each other, as long as they are separated by paper.  Do not put your harp in the same box as your lamp shades to prevent damage, unless you have wrapped the harp in paper really well.

Stereos and other electronics
If possible, pack electronics in their original cartons or a dish pack. Be sure to use proper packing materials (newsprint, foam sheeting, comforters/blankets, pillows, etc.) if you aren't using the original carton.

* Start by padding the bottom of the carton with a generous amount of packing material.
* Wrap electronic with paper and place in carton.
* Tightly pack padding around and on top of the unit to prevent damage.
* Firmly seal the carton.
* Label the carton as “Fragile – Electronics.”

Lay books flat in the carton, alternating the spine and open side of the book. Place a piece of paper between books to prevent them sticking together. Because books are heavy, use 1.5 cartons to make them easier to carry.

Statuary and Figurines
Wrap statuary and figurines with alot of paper wrap. 

Bottles are taped shut and wrapped in clean newsprint. For extra security, place bottles in a resealable, watertight bag before wrapping and placing in carton.   (Please mark your box "liquids" and with arrows on all sides indicating which end is up)
Mirrors and Glass
Wrap the picture or mirror in a generous cushion of clean paper. Place in a flattened packing or telescoping carton. Carefully tape and seal the carton. Always stand glass, pictures and mirrors on their edge. Do not lay flat.
If possible, pack computers in their original cartons. As long as proper packing materials are used (newsprint, foam sheeting, comforters/blankets, pillows, etc.), computers can be safely packed in sturdy boxes. 

 Aerosol cans  Lighter fluid
 Antifreeze       Matches, fireworks, 
 Corrosives, chemicals Paints, stains
 Fire extinguishersPets
 Firearms, ammunition  Pressurized containers
 Flammable liquids Propane tanks
 Gas, kerosene       Turpentine, solvents
Items you should transport yourself as we are not legally responsible for them:
cash and/or securities, jewelry/furs/any collections, credit cards/personal documents & records


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